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Flash Fiction: Living Bricks


What the heck is that growing out of the window? A mole? A hive? Cancer? Get a ladder to cut it out or perform surgery from the inside? The owners want to sell. It will have to be to other witches. Humans tend to freak and wind up in mental institutions when they discover their residence is alive. Hurts the spirit of the home every time. Vampires might be ok, as long as blood doesn’t stain the carpets. The real reason why they can’t enter houses; why would hurt bricks want to protect humans?

The door opens, the doctor enters.


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Flash Fiction

Smoke Messages

PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala


\Snap, crackle, pop. The fire breathes a life of its own. A connection between two worlds. A pit of messages from the dead to the living. If only they would turn on their senses. The deceased wait, patience the equivalent to thin ice. “Silly girl, don’t marry that slob!”

Jenny stares into the flame, lost in thought.

“Come on Jenny, it’s your hens night. Smile.”

Jenny forces her lips up and nods at her sister. Gathering herself, Jenny turns away from the heat. She pauses.

“Do you hear that?”

“What? Granny not wanting you to marry? She’s been nagging all night.”


(101 words)


Prompt provided by Friday Fictioneers

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Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Ground Zero


Out of her dirty car window, she saw the house demolished. She waited for relief to hit her, making the world ok again. It never came. Instead, her emotions were as flat as the ground before her. Should have stayed away… no, had to make sure.

The house of horrors reduced to nothing more than several diary volumes. Would she be able to move forward? In her mind’s eye, her childhood home still stood tall. Shivers ran through her spine. Don’t go into the second bedroom. It’s location now covered in a mound of gravel. Was it enough to trap and hold the dirty spirit? Where did earthbound ghosts go when their haunting ground become ground zero? Wiped from the land of the living the medium told her. “Blow up the house and you’ll find peace. Rebuild.”

And here she was, builders preparing to rebuild. Sighing, she turned the ignition. The motor roared. No point in staying, her job done. The next tenants spook free. The car crawled along the construction site.

“Didn’t think you would get rid of me did you?”

The spirit of the local serial killer grinned at her from the back seat as they left the lot.


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This week’s photo prompt is provided by wildverbs for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
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