Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: The Night Rider


No one saw Amber again. Her car found on the side of a remote road, untouched. No sign of foul play, her purse left sitting on the passage seat intact. The car in perfect working order. Young women from solid families didn’t just disappear into the horizon. A serial killer dubbed The Night Rider roamed, the road their hunting ground. Only a matter of time before the small community is hit again. A keen inexperienced police officer laid down bait, staging a breakdown on her own, desiring a promotion. In heels she walked along the dark road, the old asphalt crunching with every step. Lights approached her as the humming of the motor grew louder. The car slowed.

“Want a lift?” said a voice through the window.

The officer opened the car door. She gasped. Amber sat at the driver’s seat smoking a cigarette.

“We thought you were dead. Taken by the killer.”

Chilling laughter pierced through the car. The locks on the door sprung and the passenger window closed, enclosing the rookie. A blunt object hit the back of her skull. The lights went out. The killer claimed another victim.


(191 Words)


Photo provided by Jodi McKinney for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Roswell

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s an unidentified flying object. Let’s shoot the crap out of it. On three brothers – one… two… three… Bang, bang, bang. Oh, no men it’s coming our way looking aggravated. Quick, quick reload, heading right towards us. Fire. For the love of God fire. What the hell is that thing? Whose brilliant idea was it to go on a camping trip to New Mexico? Run for your lives! I don’t want to die at Roswell shooting blanks! What would Momma say? “I told you to leave it alone. You’ll go blind.”

The light engulfs us. Gravity shifts. Beamed up just like Scotty.

“Well hello beautiful, if you wanted my pants off all you have to do is ask.”

No, no, don’t stick that rod there! Ooh ahh. Let me be your experiment. Same time again next year? Sure babe.


(148 words)


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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